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Next Generation CDI

Honda 250R400V-LiPo4S CDI

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Motor City Spark powers MacDaddy Racing

250R400V-LiPo4s Spark Advance

User Comments

"I just finished installing the Motor City Spark 400V CDI today and it's impressive.  I can now start my 310R with half a kick, and the powerband feels broader."

"I did a lot of the initial testing with the ignition and now I won't use anything else."

"It's a great ignition starts my 330 with half a kick also."

"Fires my puma up with a 1/2 rotation on my rotostart."

"Bottom line, this is modern ignition technology for our 250Rs.  I'm super impressed and will be buying a second CDI for my other 250R that is currently in progress of being built."

“It’s stronger then the cr.  I have been dynoing it.  More torq and hp then the cr.”

“The ignition is very consistent and has a very noticeable torque increase in the lower rpms.  On my test mule 310, the rear end would break loose every time I shifted gears.  Never experienced that with the stock or cr ignitions.”

“The new motor city spark cdi boxes are making a very reputable name very quickly.  They have been working awesome for us.”

"Bike runs great.  Waay better than stock!  Ignition is quite an upgrade.  Will run one of these from now on."

"The Honda TRX250R ignition is hands down the best ignition made.  I have a 310 racing engine that had an HPI ignition and I had nothing but trouble with it; weak spark and was incredibly difficult to start.  I installed the Motor City Spark CDI with a Gens Ace 7000mAh battery and now my 310R fires up with half a kick.  It's modern ignition technology for my 30 year old quad.  I'm going to buy another one for my other 250R!"

"Love the ignitions.  I have two.  These are the only ignitions I will run from now on."

"I took it for the first few laps just now. I love this ignition. I know a few people are afraid of having a battery and trying to put together electrical components, but this hands down is the most well thought out and well put together ignition package."

"Bike runs amazing, night and day difference. Thanks again."

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New Semiconductor Technology

New high-power semiconductors maximize spark energy while running cool and efficient.

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